Mission Statement

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Mission statement and core values:

("En" Environmental "Via" The way ) - Envia Fashion is based out of beautiful Eugene, Oregon. A collaboration between Mitra DeMirza and nonprofit St.Vincent de Paul Society of Lane Co. Our mission is to bring you stylish, upcycled and repurposed products you can feel good about, through a sustainable business model that diverts waste, provides jobs and supports our community in multiple ways.

Our upcycling program is designed to transform unusable or unwanted items into beautiful styles that are both fashionable and accessible to the everyday market. Through this platform, we are able to build solid relationships with those in our community and world-wide, who stand strong in a single belief that considering our planet in all endeavors is an absolute must.

As fast fashion, and the culture that supports it, continues to take a massive toll on our environment, we recognize and understand the need for strong upcycling programs and the importance of their integration into our ideologies and communities.

At Envia Fashion, we do just that by responsibly collecting, redesigning, manufacturing and making available to you newly upcycled products and fashions. Additionally, our revenues go back into our community where they belong. Envia fashion supports St. Vincent de Paul’s programs, including affordable housing, recycling initiatives, job placement programs, retail thrift stores, homeless services, employment solutions and emergency services. For more information, see https://www.svdp.us/

Every time you purchase an upcycled product, you are bringing us all one step closer to making our wonderful planet a much better place to be. THANK YOU for your continued support and enthusiasm - from our family to yours.

-Envia Fashion